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How much will it cost me to have you make some graphics for me?

My graphics are free I do not charge for them. I do require a link on a persons link page if they have a website. Additionally if I make someone an av it is nice to get a link on their profile if their chat server offers such, but this is an option, not a requirement.

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Is the anything you need to know in order to make me an avatar?

Different chat servers have different rules on what they allow for avatar usage, therefore when you request an av please include which server you are using. i.e...Yahoo, CheetaChat, Excite, ect... As the rules for Yahoo, CheetaChat, Exite, ect... vary.

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I don't have a banner.

I will be happy to make you a banner. Please include the size you would like, what your web addy is, and any special request that you might have

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I would like to exchange links with you what do I need to do?

If you go to my link page you will see a hyperlink for exchanging banners or links at the bottom. Please note that I submit my link page to the search engines right along with my other main pages. What does this mean? It means that when my site gets spydered by an engine any addys in my links code get included, thus increasing your rating in most search engines.

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I would like a wav but I don't really remember the name or who sang it.

I like a good challenge and have lots of friends on the net, send me what you know of the song and I will give it my best shot. Hopefully you will be able to download it from my site.

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Can I send you a picture of me to work with?

Send me a picture of you, your house, your kids, your dog or whatever, I will make you graphics of anything you wish. There is one exception! If you send me kid porn I will forward it to the FBI, you have been warned. To the decent people of the world you may think it strange that I put this here, I do so only because it happened once. I did report it!

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I don't have a picture in my computer.

You can get a picture you already have put on a disk for you computer fairly cheap these days but most places you need to do it yourself with their equipment, If this is not for you then you can mail me what ever pics you would like scanned and I will email the files to you when complete (please include email address). If you would like the picture/s returned then you will need to include a self addressed stamped envelope, I do all this for free but I also don't spend any money at it.

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What if I don't like something you send me?

I have found that we as individuals often do not lick the same things, it would be a boring world if we all did. I will gladly redo what ever graphic it is that I am custom making for you until such time as you love it. The whole reason I do this site is because I don't think people are happy enough so I try to do a little extra to make them that way. Would do to make someone something they hated, seems to me that this would just make people more unhappy thus defeating the purpose of my site.

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I have a picture I would like something done with but I don't want it all over the net.

I have done many avs for many people in just about ever situation you can think of and never once have I told anyone or shown anyone an av I was told not to (nor the picture that the avatar was made from). I take a great deal of pride in being known as a person that people trust. Someday if you are not busy and you use Yahoo chat, go to romance 30's room 1 and ask the people in it if you can trust Woulda. Most of us in that room are regulars and that is the only room we go to, several people at any time of the day or night will know me. All I can say is that when I am done with every picture I destroy it right away, my computer is not that big and I have a lot of graphics so I need to make all the room I can.

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Can you turn my picture into a Yahoo Skin?

Anything can be turned into a Yahoo skin, but please keep in mind the more background color a picture has the harder it will be to find a font that you can read on it.

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Do certain pictures work better than others?

Yes most of the time some pictures work better than others. If you are simply wanting an avatar made from your picture with your name on it than any picture will work fine, if, however you are wanting a really kick avatar then the bigger the picture the better. Also the less background clutter it has the easier it is to work with. I cut people out of pictures and put them on different back grounds, this is sometimes easy to do and other times very hard. The best way to cut out a picture is if it is taken with a red or a green sheet or cloth for the back ground.

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I have a picture I would like made into a graphic but it isn't me.

I often get pictures or graphics that someone finds on the net or scans themselves, I have no problem with this at all.. Like I said before the only thing I will not work with is kid porn.

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Is there anything I can't download from your site?

The only thing I ask you not to download are the graphics that I use on my personal pages and my over all them background. There is really no need to download these as I will be happy to make you anything you want. Additionally it should be apparent that the user avs can be downloaded but they are not to be used as your avatar under any circumstance. Here comes the legal disclaimer; The wavs on my site are intended to be used only as a demo for the artist please delete them after 24 hours. Yeah right, that's gonna happen.

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Do I have to have my av placed in your user index?

Nope! It is up to you.

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You didn't make my av but I would still like it placed in the user index.

I will be happy to place it in my index. There are several in the avatar index that I didn't make. people have me store them for many different reason. Sometimes we have problems transferring avs and they can send the person to my site to get it from here. Many times people have lost all of their avs, for what ever reason and with them stored here they can always get them. I do not take any credit for avatars made by other people, the avs I have made are clearly labeled with a white font.

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Do you do free web graphics for sites that are a business?

Business or personal it is all the same to me, I do not charge for any of my graphics, be they backgrounds, banners, buttons, avatars, yahoo skins or any other type of graphic. All I request for doing a website graphic is a link on the links page and not on the index page like some of graphic sites require.

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Why did you really make this list?

Several reasons really but the main reason is to increase my ranking in the search engines. See home pages with lots of graphics look nice to people but the spyders don't care much for them. The spyders look at your key words and then count the number of times those are used on your page and thus they come up with a score. Plenty of key words on this page!

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Any question not answered here I will be happy to answer through email. Thank you for coming to my site. ~Woulda